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Smartcric is another website that has been very popular among cricket fans. Generally, it has cemented itself as being the go-to place to watch live cricket stream in mobile devices. The website generally doesn’t work on the desktop. Smartcric is dedicated to providing every match on mobile only.

Strangely enough, it is not understood by anyone why it will not work on other devices. Only the founders of the website perhaps know the answer to that. However, what it does on the mobile will leave no one with room to complain. It provides you with 3 choices in quality. Starting from low, this is to cater for users with the lowest internet connection. Countries such as India, Pakistan and Bangladesh are known to have slow connections. This choice is to facilitate users even with the worst of connection.

It is another display to show that they do not neglect or overlook any userbase. Secondly, the medium feed is provided. This is for users with moderate and average user connection to stream in good quality. After that, last but not least it is the high quality. I don’t think its any rocket science and no prizes for guessing what is displayed on that option. Of course, high-definition is provided. This option has the capacity to show streams in over 1000kpbs.

This means you will require at least 10mb’s of connection to ensure you a smooth experience. Any internet speed below that threshold may lead users into getting unstable stream. So be wise to choose your appropriate quality cricket live stream based on your connection.

Does smartcric show all international matches?

Yes, it leaves no stones unturned when it comes to cricket. It proudly streams every single international team, including Bangladesh, India, Australia, England, West Indies and more. It also will show ICC world t20 live streaming too.

Again, we will repeat that this website is only used to educate you about the services. We never encourage you to use any of these services. Our goal is to provide you with enough knowledge to safely navigate through potential ads and websites. There is a high-likelihood some events might not be shown in your country. For example in united states, willow cricket has the right to some cricket events.

Unfortunately, due to low demand, many rights are not acquired by the channel. This means, it leaves the cricket fans on disarray and compel them into searching for internet solution to stream their match. Unknowingly, many will opt for free stream and aren’t aware of the potential drawbacks of it.